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Mobile Marketing

1. Mobile Apps
If you have the skill — or can afford to hire somebody with the skill — a simple application for smart phones can have people thinking of your business every time they use it. For best results, develop an app that’s related to what you offer. A bakery could produce a cooking timer, while a personal trainer could release a narrated stretching program.

2. Podcasting
In the 21st century, knowledge sharing makes for compelling ad copy. A weekly or biweekly podcast can inform your clients about what’s happening, and how they can take advantage of what you offer. This idea works best for businesses that rely on repeat and relationship clients — like law firms, martial arts schools, and financial advisory firms.

3. Mobile Parties
“Flash mobs” bring together groups of people around an interest or cause. You can use mobile parties to organize offsite events that demonstrate loyalty for your brand. For example, set up a get together and give a discount to everybody who brings photo proof they attended to your shop.

4. Guest Programs
As with other social marketing initiatives, a good mobile message encourages networking. Special deals for guests will motivate your subscribers to find more subscribers. Be sure to include an extra deal for the host, preferably one that escalates as he brings in still more subscribers and customers.

5. Polls and Contests
Mobile marketing is all about response, and polls or contests can increase your level of response. They a lso give you an opportunity to go back again to those who responded to you, creating a feedback loop that leads your subscribers to feel progressively more invested in your business. The more invested they feel, the more they’ll choose your shop over an Internet site.

6. Street Team
Radio stations have used this concept for decades; they assign an elite status and provide low-cost giveaways to people willing to network market for them. A simple response-oriented SMS campaign can create an instant street team to get the word out about upcoming events, products and specials. You can expand this idea by creating a VIP second subscriber list for your elite fans — one attached to early announcements and select deals